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Hello, my name is Irina and I am going to run a marathon

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Sharing makes life more interesting and less scary.Thank you for your interest in
For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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Irina Boscou-Ward

Sharing makes life more exciting and less scary!

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Me, Myhealth and I

Doug rarely complains. He just gets on with things and he does it with style. His positive outlook is something I admire and his simple...

I Want to Break Free

Once a week, every week, without fail I go to a garden centre to buy the week’s fruit and veg. It’s a ten minute drive and during the...

Living the Dream

The marathon is still six months away, yet I am already having the most bizarre marathon-related dreams. Twice this week I dreamt it was...

My Fabulous 40s

My 40th decade started with a bang. My birthday dawned in Istanbul. I was there on a business trip. It was September so the weather was...

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Life in Irinaland Science is still unable to explain how bread torn off the loaf and eaten on the go has less calories than bread sliced...

Ode to Hills, The Video

@Sopers Hill (aka Zopers Hill named after Zara). 7.30am. Friday, February 12th, 2020. With Zara.

Ode to Hills

Doug calls me the Queen of Hills and that has more to do with my slight obsession to run up the bloody things and less to do with how...

Shop, Share, Run. Repeat.

It’s Sunday 3.30pm. Lunchtime as far as my Greek friends are concerned. Afternoon teatime here or maybe even time for a cheeky drink?...

Mrs Pacman

Does it ever get easier? No, it doesn't. Not for me anyway. Why? Because as soon as it becomes easier, I change something to make it...

Bye Bye January!

How long has January been? 31 days? Are we sure we haven’t been caught in some kind of space black hole time warp? It sure feels like it....

Sushi or Shouldn't She?

On any given day and any given run there is a multitude of questions that race through my mind and repeat and repeat and repeat....

The tale of a Monday Half Marathon

The Debate Monday January 25th, early o’clock, coffee in hand, I’ve done the grateful to be alive bit and I am left with only one...

Facts and FAQs - Part II, Running Habits

Sun, glorious sun!! I’ve always been a sun worshiper, and although I have mostly embraced the UK weather, I can’t help but smile when we...

Facts and FAQs - Friday, Part I

Here we are. It’s now Friday afternoon and only a couple of days since I launched the blog. I find myself super keen to run and to write....

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