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Shop, Share, Run. Repeat.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It’s Sunday 3.30pm. Lunchtime as far as my Greek friends are concerned. Afternoon teatime here or maybe even time for a cheeky drink? Sitting in the kitchen and looking out the window at the snow which is slowly but steadily turning into rain. Doug and Frankie are also here playing back-gammon. The dogs are chilling. The radio is on. The group chat with my girlfriends in Greece is on fire, talking about earrings of all things. I miss them…

Backgammon and chilling @home - Feb 7, 2021

I am still undecided on what I want to write about today. Thoughts on everything and nothing are whirling around my head just like the snowflakes outside. Very poetic I know! I still have some time before joining a breathing class via Zoom. First time I am ever attempting it. Very curious to see what it is about. I feel open to experiencing new things lately, especially if they contribute to my well-being. Signs of getting old? Probably, but don’t care.

In fact, all I really care about, is being healthy. Physically, emotionally and mentally and so when Lucy mentioned the breathing class, I jumped on the opportunity. What’s the worst that can happen? If I don’t like it, I don’t do it again.

Thoughts about well-being kicked off after a health concern (that turned out to be absolutely nothing) sent my head spinning in all sorts of directions. That was about three weeks ago and I have had a dilemma of whether I should mention it here. Is it an appropriate topic? Is it too personal? Is it of any interest to anyone? Only one way to find out. At the end of the day, it was a big thing for me and as such it has a place on this blog. More importantly, I want to to share what I actually learned and get some closure.

So what did I learn? Three things really.

Online shopping is essential in times of crisis. Sharing makes life less scary. Running the blues away, works.

Online Shopping

Who knew online shopping is closely related to mindfulness? Mock me not. It is true. I don’t think I am ever more in the moment than when browsing through clothes. Especially if said clothes are on sale! I immerse myself in a world of tops, jumpers, t-shirts (with shoulder pads! Hurray for the 80s). It’s a safe and happy world and everything is under £10.

A fair amount of online shopping has resulted in a considerable number of new colourful tops and jumpers. I am shocked at my choices. I did not buy anything black or grey. It’s all yellow, red, pink, blue. It must have something to do with my need to lift my spirits by trying something new? I got so carried away in the world of sales that I even bought duplicates. Same jumper, same colour and size. Twice. Can’t get too much of a good thing. This week I’ll be returning some of them. The shopping has served its purpose and no one needs this many jumpers.

My new very red jumper and Indie @home - Feb 8, 2021

Sharing makes life less scary (and more exciting)

My natural tendency for drama is exponentially amplified the longer it stays in my head. Scenarios of doom and gloom write themselves with me in the leading role diving into a never-ending loop of disaster, despair and destruction. Don’t laugh, it’s true. How can I get out of the black hole? TALK ABOUT IT. SHARE THE LOAD. Get a sanity check on my thoughts.

Thankfully, I did that. Obviously, I spoke to Doug but then also I mentioned it to whoever I happened to speak to. I mean friends. Not random people. Everyone re-assured me I was going to be fine and I got loads of positive energy coming my way. Bonus point, telling others fits in nicely with my superstitious way of thinking. Talk about bad things. They’ll go away. Don’t talk about them, they become reality. Works in the opposite way for good things. Wait just a bit before sharing them and you won’t get jinxed. All very rational and scientific.

I know.

Running the blues away

The video was recorded on today's run in the snow, 7.30am

Such a lucky coincidence that the health scare happened right when I had a load of running to do for the January challenges. A blessing in disguise really. Staying focused on the running helped me immensely. I realised just how much running took my mind of things, when on one of the runs I didn’t think about ‘it’ for the whole time. I remember getting home and thinking, well fancy that! 'It' can’t be that serious if I can do a whole run without thinking about 'it'! I tell you, the process of running has this magic way of flushing out negativity. It is such an empowering experience. I run therefore I am, sort of thing.

Even getting ready is a little ritual that makes it an assertive experience. First I check the weather, then choose my clothes, get dressed, put on my shoes, get my watch ready to record. All the while I am visualising the route, I tell myself, I can do this. I get to the door, I shout “I’m off, bye”, Doug always says “Enjoy!!!”. I used to respond “I don’t think so…” I’ve changed that to “I will!”. It only takes a few words to change the mindset. I open the door. Few steps walking down the drive way. I stretch my arms, I start the timer. Tap, tap, tap. That’s the sound of my feet pounding the road. Here I go again. I AM RUNNING. I AM HEALTHY. I AM GRATEFUL.

(I told you I love drama).

On any given run...

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Feb 13, 2021

Great article Irina. I look forward to reading more of these x


Feb 09, 2021

I agree with everything Errietta says!


Feb 09, 2021

Well done irina !! Shop,run,repeat,share? This mind is working non stop....take it easy and enjoy as doug says....😍

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