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Bye Bye January!

How long has January been? 31 days? Are we sure we haven’t been caught in some kind of space black hole time warp? It sure feels like it. It all started with New Year ’s Day on a galaxy far, far away and it's been January ever since !

Admiring the view from our garden befofe a run. 7am, January 29, 2021

Don’t get me wrong, January has been a good month mostly, just a lot longer than expected. I started this blog in January and it has given new meaning to my life, I had the first week of January off work, I’ve done well with my eating, I’ve been completely alcohol-free and I’ve achieved all the Strava challenges I signed up for.

Financially it’s been a disaster. A series of unfortunate events involving home appliances (you name it, it broke) and a salary that feels it was paid into my bank account a year ago, left me counting the days until the next pay day. Also, surprisingly, Covid is still here. Strange that, December Facebook posts had me convinced Covid would disappear as soon as 2020 was over...

BM 10k race @Hove Promenade. Covid will be over soon. December 13, 2020

And yet here we are. We’ve made it to the evening of January 31st. I am sitting in front the fire. Doug is sitting next to me. He is watching a football game. His team is on and he is not happy with the way things are going. The dogs are asleep, exhausted after two long walks today. Pixel is snoring as usual. Indie is using my slipper as a cushion. Frankie is in his room being a teenager. I am writing to you and also looking at my phone, yes, ok, I am on Strava and checking the January stats.

The month that keeps on giving, ended well: I ran 200km, elevation gain 2,232m and a half marathon. I ran with Doug, Liz and Zara. I ran an average of 5 hours per week over 4 runs. It doesn’t sound like a lot if you say it like that. I mean a week has 168 hours. 5 hours is 3%. It’s not massive. Or is it?

It has sure felt full on, and especially on days like today when I really struggled to get out the door, I realise the importance of targets on my motivation and drive. I need to give myself targets or I will never do anything. I don’t do well with lack of structure, lots of free time, no measurable targets, no challenges to achieve. I will just drift aimlessly and use all my free time to make up the best excuses for being lazy. Sad but true.

It’s the same with work. Give me two things to do on a day with no meetings, or give me ten things on a day full of calls. Watch what happens. Nothing on the first scenario. The day comes and goes, leaving me feeling sluggish, uncomfortable, tired, and unmotivated. Second scenario has me on fire. I write my to-do lists, I get everything done and more. I end the day feeling fulfilled, energetic. I may even actually want to cook dinner.

Back to today. I did not want to go out today. I had a lovely Sunday lie-in. I did an amazing Stretch class with Lindsey. It was just before 11am and breakfast was on my mind. Way too late for a run. It was cold. It was about to rain. I’d already run 60km this week. The sharks were nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, the voice wakes up. Hang on a minute! Are you actually considering missing your 200km target by a mere 8km? Are you at all serious? But I… No buts. Just your butt in gear and on the road. You’ve worked so hard all month. YOU ARE NOT MISSING YOUR TARGET NOW. YOU HEAR ME?

I eventually dragged myself out. It was hard. I will not lie. It was one of those shitty runs. I was faster than I expected, probably because I wanted it over as quickly as possible. That's the only positive I can come up with. I ran 8 long kilometers and not a centimeter more. Everything bothered me. I was overdressed and hot. Then I was cold. Gloves on, off, back on. The river path was too busy. Why is everyone out? Too many bikes. Too many puddles. Not much fun.

And then it was over. It was done. I was stronger than my excuses and I crossed the January finish line. Wait a minute. Garmin isn’t syncing. The run isn’t uploading on Strava. Oh no!! No way. Try again, it syncs. Sigh of relief. Strava confirms the results. So what if it was a shitty run? You need those runs to appreciate the good ones. Endorphins get the party going. A piece of toast with apricot jam and a cup of tea and I am ready to meet Sara for a dog walk.

Bye bye January.

I'll set my February targets tomorrow. Will you?

Today. Trying to capture the moment. Mixed feelings. January 31, 2021

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2 commentaires

01 févr. 2021

Irina don’t worry and have faith, this month will be shorter for sure!!!


01 févr. 2021

No buts! Just your butt on the gear...

Brilliant said and Soooooo true.. love you ❤️❤️

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