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Magic Tricks

There are none. If running has taught me one thing is that there are no magic tricks. Hard work, commitment, consistency, resilience, patience and then more hard work. Sometimes two steps forward, one step back. Other times, rare but precious two steps forward and no steps back. But even on those days where it feels like it's steps back all the way, it’s important I keep going and have faith that if I continue to put the effort in, I will eventually get the results. Because I will get them. No doubt about it.

Taking break is just as important as working hard!

Today I ran 18km along the Brighton seafront. I ran at a pace I could only dream of a few months ago. A pace that was unimaginable a year ago. How did I get here? Through lots of blooming running, that’s how! My latest comeback to running was on March 7th, 2020. Since then, I have run 267 times, covering 1,966km. This year alone I have run for 92 hours and climbed 7,525m. I stuck with it on dark frosty mornings, strong winds, before work, after work, on my own or with company. I ran on days I felt strong and on days I hated it. I was determined to cross the tipping point after which confidence in myself grew and now I know I can pull of a run regardless of the circumstances. It has been a monumental effort for me and the best thing I’ve ever done (well, other than marrying Doug…)

I reflected on all of this during today’s run. God knows I had enough time to do it… 1’46’’ to be exact. I thought about the value of knowing how to work hard. I don’t think I always knew how to. In fact, I am sure I didn’t know. It came with age and experience and a realisation that instant gratification isn’t a thing. And it’s not only the rewards that make it a great life ethic. Working hard is a guarantee that I won’t feel bad even if I fail. I won’t blame myself and feel guilty and resentful. On the contrary, I will feel shitty if I fail knowing that I could have done more, that I chose an easy, lazy way out. That I was hoping to get something for nothing. Luck comes into the picture as well. But again, I feel somehow that luck is more likely to strike when I’ve put in the legwork. Like the harder I work, the luckier I get and vice versa. Does that make sense?

On other news, June was supposed to be the month of landmark events. Some happened, others didn’t. I got really angry, then I got over it and now I am once again looking forward to the future and loving life. First of all, June 13th marked the official start of the training program for the Brighton Marathon taking place on September 12th. Fingers and everything else crossed that the race will happen. Doug says I have been training for the marathon for a couple of months already. That is somewhat true. Still, on June 13th, my running coach sent me the photo below and I got shivers and goose bumps and said to myself, THIS IS IT. IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. YOU’RE TRAINING FOR A MARATHON. I get more goose bumps now, writing about it.

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On a less pleasant note, the Brighton Half Marathon that Zara, myself and thousands of people were supposed to run on June 27th got postponed to October 10th, following the government’s announcement to delay lifting the Covid restrictions to the end of July. So many of us relied on this race, to be an integral part of the training, familiarising with the marathon route and that aside we were in it for the fun, the atmosphere, the buzz, the music, the medal and the hope to get another personal best. Not to mention I am running the race with a charity and raising funds...Deflating is an understatement to describe how I felt, but…I can’t cry over spilt milk, so I got over it and now relying on three months of training to give me the pain and joy I need each week.

Second blow was yet another cancellation. This time it was a day out with live music, friends, drinks and all the fun that comes with such a glorious occasion. Still a bit sad about that, but worse things have happened and we’re already making alternative plans to have a great day together.

Things I wasn’t expecting in June were: a massive, forceful, overwhelming change in work circumstances, creating an insurmountable workload and a massive learning curve backed by very, very, very, very long days. No regrets there. I put in the effort and I learned so much in three weeks that have left me feeling a lot more confident about the future. Finally, and super importantly, I discovered yoga. I’ve dabbled with yoga a bit in the past. Never with too much success. Holding my hands close to my heart, bowing and saying “namaste” doesn’t come naturally to me. This time round feels different. The magical setting, the brilliant instructor and the fact that I am doing the sessions with good friends, now known as The Yoga Babes, has slotted very nicely into my Thursday evenings and brought the calm I hadn’t realised I needed so much.

So yeah, June hasn’t been all fun, but I am proud for what I’ve accomplished and grateful for the rest. And the rest is a lot. It’s my friends, my family, my health and the magical universe which always finds a way to support me whenever I really make an effort. All I need to do is look out for the signs and not be afraid to work hard for the things that matter to me.

Oh I almost forgot to mention, my mum and stepdad gifted me a pair of Oakley sunglasses in June. Talk about two birds one stone! It means I can actually see when running in the sunshine (don’t laugh, sunshine does happen occasionally). More importantly it means that I can pretend I am a gazelle-type runner. These sunglasses undeniably scream of effortless speed, maintained for miles on end, with a perfect body posture and a low heart-rate, because that’s just how cool they are. Cherry on top is I look more tanned when I see myself through them. What else can I ask for?

Effortless speed comes naturally when I've got these on...

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"Working hard is a guarantee that I won’t feel bad even if I fail". A lesson for life!!



Universe does not ignore hard work girl, you know that, and now with these glasses... it could not even if it did! You look gorgeous! And happy!



We are so glad a pair of glasses made you run as a gazelle and helped you in so many ways!!!🏃‍♀️

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